Managed Gift Aid Service

Flexible Gift Aid Options

Gift Aid Made Simple

Maximise your Gift Aid income with a system tailored to your requirements. We can offer a fully managed service or you can choose to run the system in-house.

Paper or Digital Sign Up


You can choose between digital donor sign up, the more traditional paper based system or a combination of the two.

Stand Alone System


Our Gift Aid system is modular and can interface with your existing POS and CRM systems, so you don’t need to invest in a new POS system to benefit from our Gift Aid service!

Online Sales

Our latest offering allows you to capture Gift Aid for eligible online sales. As the Covid-19 pandemic has pushed more and more sales online, we have continued to find innovative new ways to support our customers.


  • Flexible Label Formats.
  • Full Post Code Look Up
  • Standard, Method A and Method B all supported
  • Fully HMRC Compliant for online claim submission
  • Hosted System Options.
  • Web-Based Reporting
  • Maximise customer engagement

How Does it Work?

  • 25% of the value of sales of donated goods can be claimed from HMRC at no extra cost to the donor
  • The donor simply signs up using our AZPOS tablet or paper form
  • Printed labels are affixed to the donated items to link them to the donor
  • We collate your sales data to build the claim for you to submit to HMRC. You can choose the frequency at which you submit your claims

“Our central Gift Aid Administration has been reduced…”

The implementation of the BMc Azurri Gift Aid system to replace our previous system has delivered significant business benefits to Sue Ryder. In particular, our central Gift Aid administration has been reduced, and in our shops, we have seen a much-improved process in operating the Retail Gift Aid scheme.  In addition to the operational benefits, the flexible and on-demand reporting system is really helping us to analyse and adapt our business.

Keren Caird, Retail Gift Aid Manager - Sue Ryder

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