We empower you and your volunteers to make sales easily and maximise your gift aid income. Trusted by some of the largest Charities and Retailers across the UK, our Digital Retail & Gift Aid Solutions enable donations to go further.

Does your current system help you to… 

Increase Store and Online Sales?

Our bespoke AZPOS Retail System has been designed from the ground up for charity retailers to assist in everything from collecting donations to selling items online.

Maximise Gift Aid Revenue?

Did you know that you can claim back 25% of the sale value of eligible donated goods? Our fully managed system takes care of the claiming process to make sure your charity receives this additional revenue.

Increase Donor Engagement?

Regularly communicate with your donors and provide them with data on the sale of their donated items so they can see the impact their donations are making to your cause.

What makes us different?


BMc Azurri have a range of products and services designed to make donations, product sales and claiming Gift Aid as simple as possible. Our AZPOS Retail System  includes everything you need to make sales, register donors and claim Gift Aid on the sale of donated items. A simple, modular design allows you to add functionality as you need it, to include stock management, card payments, online sales and so much more!


We offer a range of products and services for Charities both large and small. From our simple all-in-one Retail System to bespoke software consultancy and even our ‘talking till’ Audible POS solution, see how our products can benefit your organisation today.


You don’t need to be an expert in IT to use any of our products – they’ve been designed to be simple! Our friendly Bolton based helpdesk team are always on hand to support you, along with our bite-size training videos that can all be accessed right here on our website.


Our modular system ensures you only pay for the functionality you need. We have simple monthly payment options for all our products, and additional modules can be added at any time.

Trusted by Charities big and small

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Customer Stories

Read how we helped The Salvation Army claim an additional £750,000 on Gift Aid on donors transactions.


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Talk to us regarding your IT support and project needs.

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