BMc Azurri introduce Online Signup/Your Gift Aid

BMc Azurri would like to introduce our service that is now available to customers called Online Sign Up/Your Gift Aid.

Online Sign Up is a HMRC compliant website that allows users to register for Gift Aid, the user’s details are entered into the Donors system immediately after signing up removing the use of forms.

Once registered users will receive a welcome email with a link to register for a web portal called Your Gift Aid which gives users the ability to view their donation history, manage/update details such as name, address, email, telephone number and contact preferences which takes away the need for charities to manage this for them.

Bag donation labels can be printed using Your Gift Aid, this feature works by allowing the user to select the number of labels they would like to print which downloads a file to the user’s device that can then be printed and stuck onto the bag donations allowing the Donor to be quickly identified when items are donated to the shops.

Online Sign Up/Your Gift Aid works on all operating systems and device sizes as it is just a website. The facility can be accessed using e.g., a smartphone or tablet (Android or IOS) by scanning an appropriate QR code or via a link on a charity’s website, due to Online Sign Up being available on all devices customers can use their own device when signing up in shops meaning that no additional hardware needs to be purchased unless the charity wants a permanent device in the shop.

BMc Azurri can provide a QR code which the charity can use on Point-of-Sale posters or cards. A link can be provided if you wish to create your own QR code or need it to add to the charity website.

Both products are free for charities that already use Digital Sign Up on our tablets.

If you have any questions, or require further information, please just drop us a line at